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Movement & Dialogue project

All movement is inherently connected to the values of freedom, boundaries, and well-being. As a non-verbal communication form, Dance can overcome language and cultural barriers and enable new forms of connection between people from different backgrounds. 

ان كل انواع الحركة والرقص مرتبطة بطبيعتها بمفاهيم الحرية والحدود والصحة. ويمكن للرقص، بوصفه شكلا من أشكال التواصل الا محكي، أن يتغلب على الحواجز اللغوية والثقافية وأن. يتيح أشكالا جديدة من التواصل بين الأشخاص من مختلف الخلفيات

Dance for a Change - Movement & Dialog project brings Yoga and Movement-improvisation to women at community centers in East Jerusalem. We aim to empower Palestinian women through Mind & body connection. Learning movement as a third language that can bridge Cultural, political, and religious barriers between Israeli and Palestinian women. 

Our audience is religious or secular women with no dance experience.

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