Dance for a Change is a dance activism initiative founded by Tzaphira (Allison) Stern.

Based on the idea that dance and movement can bring change to women's lives, we engage in activism through Movement Classes, Movement Therapy, Research, and Workshops.


I'm a Dance Activist. I use dance and academic research to raise awareness of feminist and political issues to make a social impact.


I'm a graduate of the School of Visual Theater (2001), with an M.A in choreography from The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance (2019). I recently completed my thesis research;

"A Choreographic View of the First Year of Covid_19 in Israel (2020)" at the Cultural Studies Department, Hebrew University Jerusalem. Thesis Research Fellow at the Lafer Center for Gender Studies. Licensed in Therapeutic Movement from Wingate Academic College.


Professional background:

Dance improvisation teacher and independent choreographer since 2001

Former co-founder of the "Machol Shalem" dance organization, promoting independent choreographers in Jerusalem (2002-2007)

Former Kolben Dance School Manager (2010-2018)


 Tzaphira (Allison) Stern


Holistic Movement Therapy

One-on-one sessions of Therapeutic movement for better Mind&Body Connection, and management of chronic pain, body tension, emotional stress, anxiety, concentration problems, etc.

Movement classes
Movement classes are a tool for fostering physical and mental health in the community using a holistic view of the individual as a creative moving being. Classes are suitable for women with basic movement experience. Groups for various ages 30 - 65+.

Dance dialog project
Dance for a Change JLM project aims to bring Arab and Jewish women together, empowering them and their connection through dance.

Lectures & workshops
The lectures and workshops combine an academic and artistic approach to activist performance, exploring the body and gender in the public sphere.

photo: Hanan Bar Asoulin