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My name is Tzaphira (Allison) Stern

I am a dance activist. Founder of "Dance for a Change," an independent dance-activism initiative that aims to promote the well-being of women in Jerusalem through dance improvisation classes and somatic movement therapy.


These practices are focused on our inner sense of movement, strengthening our ability to self-regulate, have a better mind-body connection, and use movement with more awareness and self-confidence. As a dance teacher and researcher, I believe body movement, in connection with place, is influenced by social norms and has the power to change them.

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Through somatic practice, Dance also holds the potential for personal growth and mental transformation. With the intention of empowerment, I teach improvisation and somatic movement classes to marginalized communities, such as women in East Jerusalem and senior women. I also work individually with somatic movement therapy to better women's lives and foster personal transformation and well-being.


I am a graduate of the School of Visual Theater (2001) and have a bachelor's (2016) and master's degree (2019) from The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. I am also certified in Therapeutic Movement from Wingate Academic College.


I hope to share my passion for Dance and movement with you through this website. Whether you are interested in taking a class, individual somatic therapy, or learning more about my research, I invite you to explore my site and reach out with any questions or comments.

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