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My name is Tzaphira (Allison) Stern

I'm a Dance activist,
I use dance and academic research to raise awareness of feminist and political issues to make a social impact.

School of Visual Theater graduate. M.A. in Choreography from The Jerusalem Academy of Dance. Thesis at the Cultural Studies Department, H.U Jlm.

Licensed in Therapeutic Movement.

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Photo: Bosmat Ibi

Dance for a Change

Dance for a Change is a dance activism initiative in Jerusalem based on the idea that dance and movement can bring change to women's lives through Classes, Movement Therapy, Research Writing, and Performance. 

 For activities, press here.

"Dance for a Change" is a social business initiative in movement and dance. Our activities meet the needs of women in the community: Older women, Arab women in East Jerusalem, and women in need of supportive care. This activity provides access to professional & artistic knowledge from the field of dance, with somatic therapeutic approaches - for the empowerment of women from all sectors in Jerusalem. Part of the activity's goals is to bring women together in joint dance activities, recognizing the importance of community support for individual well-being and a desire to heal rifts between communities and women in Jerusalem. Dance and movement can create an unmediated encounter independent of language and cultural barriers and enhance women's emotional, physical, and social skills. 

Our activities

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