Zebra Crossing

Lectures & Workshops

My lectures & workshops combine academic research study with contemporary performance art practice. The lectures are part of my academic study on the relationship between protest to performance, body, and gender. The workshops include the artistic aspects of dance in the public sphere and gender performance - in the spirit of The School of Visual Theater. 

The lectures and workshops can be combined in a modular way to meet your organization's needs: A single guest lecture, lecture series, dance/performance workshop, or combination.

Zebra Crossing

Lecture & Workshop
Movement and Protest
in the Public Sphere

Dance in the public sphere
Lecture and workshop
Suitable for dance & art students
The duration of the activity is about 3.5 hours

What is Dance in the public sphere?
How does the practice of dance in the public sphere raise awareness of social issues striving to bring about change?


Workshop - Site-specific dance
Mapping the possibilities, we’ll integrate into the public sphere, play & interfere with it.
We’ll use the space and its possibilities to build a real-time composition through improvisation and performance.

A Choreographic View of the First Year of Covid_19 in Israel (2020)

This Lecture is about the concept of movement, and its unique limitations and forms in the first year of Covid_19 (2020), in Israel: everyday life, at the Balfour protests, and dance performances in the public sphere. During 2020, Israel experienced radical changes in its routine due to the spread of the virus and government policies involving closures and movement restrictions. Social distancing influenced movement patterns personally, socially, and politically. The shutdown embodied in emptiness, slowing down, and staying at home, left many with existential uncertainty, alongside aesthetic awe of the new reality. This uncertainty grew new everyday habits, widespread political protest, and unique artistic responses.

Lecture & Workshop 

Feminist Performance: Women as Object,  Subject, and Abject

Audience: 18+, Background in dance, movement, or performance.
Continuing the tradition of radical feminism, the course's approach combines activism, academic study, and performance art.
We’ll learn milestone feminist texts and the works of female performers who raise gender issues (Anna Mandiata, Caroli Sheinman, Yocheved Weinfeld, and more).
We'll explore the body as a site of sensory and sensual performance possibilities with this inspiration. We'll design expressions, movements, visual images, and text - concluding in an evening of your solo performances.